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October 2020
The Idea Of Growthic

In October 2020, one random message on LinkedIn started the idea of Growthic when someone (now a client) was looking for some Content Services and for that, he reached out to Yugansh (Chief Cheerleader @ Growthic).

December 2020
The First Hire

December 2020 ended up with four active clients, Yugansh was working as a freelancer for them at that time. But January first week was the time when the first-hire of Growthic was made - again through LinkedIn.

June 2021
First 10 Million
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October 2021
From Remote Team to First Office

On 8th October 2021, we moved into a 8 seater office. From a 280sqft office, we were generating millions of views for our clients every single months. We scaled and had over 30 brands working with us by that time, and we started moving beyond Content & Creativity to establishing our Sales, HR, and other supporting teams.

We're Impact Creators!

There is no one-size-fits-all solution if you want to grow exponentially month on month. Every business is different and requires a unique approach in order to achieve success. That’s where the Growthic comes in.

We are a team of accomplished growth hackers, marketers, and data analysts who specialize in kickstarting traction for startups, corporates, and individuals. We create a brand that people can trust, then convert that audience into a lead generation machine.

We are trusted by some of the craziest companies on this planet that range from early-stage ventures to Fortune 500 companies to do one thing better, and that’s GROWTH!

Don’t believe us, instead speak to our clients directly and see what they say about us.

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